Ryvanz Mia Childcare

Web Design

Ryvanz Mia Childcare needed a website to reach out to the community and also to serve and support the current clients.

About Ryvanz Mia Childcare:

For over 12 years now, Ryvanz-Mia Childcare has been at a forefront committed to improving the lives of the orphans and needy children in Kpando,Ghana. We work at every single day to develop a better future for the orphans and needy children in our care. We do this with the belief that every child deserves the right to shine.

Ryvanz-Mia Childcare is a registered N.G.O with the Registrar General Department in Ghana.

We are committed to providing quality services and hence make a real and lasting difference to the orphans and needy children in Kpando, Ghana. With this aim, we work hard towards ensuring that every child remains safe, nurtured, respected, and achieve their long-term life goals.

To ensure that these children identify their true potential, hence allowing them to work towards their personal goals.

We are after raising these children to become independent and successful men and women. With the aid of our program, these children will why they need to accept their status, and prepare them to handle any challenges they’re likely to come across in the future.

Project Category:

Website Design.

Project Industry:

N.G.O / Charity