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Helium needed a website to reach out to the community and also to serve and support the current clients.

About Helium:

Helium was born after we as consumers in the market for a new mattress had difficulty finding a mattress that met all our needs; back support, comfort, stays cool, and made from safe materials.

After years of sleepless nights, we set out on a venture to find the world’s best sleep system. We tried everything on the market, and nothing held up to the promises made by the manufacturers.

But worry not. Made from hand-selected premium materials made in USA and Canada our engineers at Helium have beautifully incorporated cool, comfortable and customizable pillows that are the perfect complement to the Helium mattresses.
Good night’s sleep > clearer thoughts> less stress > better choices > happier people

Count on Helium to continue manufacturing the ultimate in sleep pleasure and comfort.

Our mattresses and bedding are a labor of love! Our mission is to ensure that you have the best sleep of your life

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Website Design.

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Home & Kitchen